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Hot Dog Men by Artist and Gray age 4 : MN State Fair Selfie Challenge

After three years of entering this mixed media collaborative artwork in The MN State Fair Fine Art Exhibition it was accepted!! To celebrate we asked people to take a selfie with it during the exhibition. The challenge  to take it while eating a hot dog ( against rules to have food in the building)  and they would get an art award. The response was beyond all expectations. see http://


Recent Collaboration “Retrospective” workshop

“Retrospective” collaboration June 2014

I am excited to be collaborating this month on Sunset Gun Productions  “Retrospective” workshop.

“Retrospective” is a thought provoking new play in development by Chris Van Strander that explores themes of art and interpretation, through the story of folk artist Samson. And features Candy Simmons as Jeanette. Directed by Hayley Finn.

You are invited to a fully staged performance of the work in progress followed by a reception for the artists and audience.

Light and Reflection

I am fascinated with the magic and of light and reflection. Specifically I am interested in how the quality of these reveal the fallibility of perception and the necessity to question what we think we see, or to go beyond and deeper into alternative perspectives.

Here is a link to see a few more examples.

JKM Collaboration – 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition – coming soon.

JKM Collaboration – 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition – coming soon.

I have worked in collaboration with  JKM ( myself, Mary Esch and Josie Winship) for 10 years! In 2003 I brought the group together for “Windmills and Mirrors”, a performance at Intermedia Arts , Naked Stages.  At that time I was interested in what three fundamentally visual artists might do using time, space and sound in a visual modality.

Thankfully, we have continued making performances together ever since.  This summer for the first time we will collaborate in our primary discipline. Mary has invited us to show with her at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts later this summer. Watch for updates on our progress and more detail about the exhibition soon.

Public Eye Action, Northrop Mall Webcam performance 2009